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Watse Expeditions provides a personalized travel service, specializing in custom-designed expeditions, treks and tours in Ladakh and northern India. We cater for groups of all sizes and ages, from individuals and families to student, senior citizen, corporate and special-interest groups. 

Watse Expeditions will ensure that you take home unforgettable memories of your trip and want to return as soon as possible!

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Travel Ladakh

Leh - Ladakh is the biggest region inside the North Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, covering roughly 60,000 square miles (100,000 sq. km).  Ladakh is a standout among the grandest spots to visit in India and positions high, presumably on top, on the rundown of motor bikers across the nation. It’s completely staggering scenes make the drive from Manali or Srinagar to Leh in Ladakh a standout among the most memorable journeys you can ever set out upon. Just one hour flight from the bustling Indian Capital of Delhi, Ladakh possesses a remote, other-worldly atmosphere. It is the highest region in India, with elevations rarely below 3000 meters and often above 3500 meters.

Travel India

India is a diverse country it spells magic on any individual who goes through it. Guests to India are enchanted, motivated and confounded by its different sights, sounds and smells – it is a destination unlike any other in the World. You can do a high elevation trek, do a natural life safari in a National Park, spend a night lethargically cruising the backwaters, ride a Camel in the betray, spend time looking at the Taj Mahal and still have sufficient energy to relax on a beach and many more. Many of these most well-known monuments in the world are located in India; Taj Mahal, Amritsar, Golden Temple, Fatehpur Sikri and the Red Fort to name a few. Ancient influences and the modern world constantly blend and evolve in a way that can only be described as natural. India is a wonderful country with a heart and soul that will inspire and intrigue! 



In November 2005 my husband and I were lucky enough to have a trip to India and ever luckier to have Yangjore for our guide. It was an amazing trip which we thoroughly enjoyed and made even more enjoyable by Yangjore. Yangjore was able to make us all (young and old) feel special and well cared for. His knowledge of his country is immense and his friendly and caring ways were appreciated by all. I still communicate with Yangjore and can thoroughly recommend his expeditions to everyone....   

                                                                                                                         Bev Lawrence; From Australia

“When you travel with Yangjore, of Watse Expeditions, you know that everything will be taken care of whether you are staying in a luxury hotel a humble home-stay or in a tent. Yangjore has indefatigable energy and is very enterprising as well. He is never less than cheerful and never at a loss for solutions to problems. He also very knowledgeable and can be trusted to provide both information and anecdotes. I plan to return soon and am looking forward to seeing Yangjore again. Not only is he an excellent travel organiser, flexible and resourceful, but he also has a heart of gold and works to help disadvantage children in remote villages”....        

                                                                                                                                          Andra Leo; From Singapore